Basic Project Details

LIFE REMoPaF project is located in Spain, specifically in the Autonomous City of Melilla and the  Algeciras Bay .

The project is focused on the repopulation of the Mediterranean ribbed limpet (Patella ferruginea), a species in danger of extinction, through the recruitment of small juveniles at the Donor Area (Port of Melilla) where there is currently a large population and the subsequent translocation to the Receiving Area, in the Algeciras Bay, so that the species can be introduced to an area where the local population is in decline.

For its recruitment (natural capture of the species in its early stages) the design of small-sized Artificial Inert Mobile Substrates (AIMS) is proposed, designed using 3D technology and/or conventional methods that may facilitate its translocation from one area to the other.

The Budget for the project is one million six hundred and eight thousand nine hundred and eighty three euros (€1,608,983.00), with an European Commission grant of sixty percent (60%) and a total duration of five (5) years (START DATE: 07/07/2016  – COMPLETION DATE: 30/06/2021).