The project is to be developed entirely in Spain, in two main areas: Melilla and the Algeciras Bay, the former being the Donor Area and the second one as the Receiving Area of specimens of the Mediterranean ribbed limpet (Patella ferruginea).

Donor Site and Receiving Area

Site where Artificial Inert Mobile Substrates (AIMS) are installed to capture recruits of the Patella ferruginea. The Donor Area is the City of Melilla, mainly the Port of Melilla: the northeast pier and the Noray Marina. There is also another option to be considered for the possible capture of recruits: installing AIMS on the breakwater located at Paseo de Horcas Coloradas.

Place where Artificial Inert Mobile Substrates are to be installed with recruitment for consolidation. The Receiving Area is located in the Algeciras Bay.


The LIFE REMoPaF project includes the following actions and activities:

Action A includes the request for the necessary permits for the management of these live specimens and the corresponding authorisations both at the Donor Area and the Receiving Area of the project to install the AIMS.

The duration of this Action includes the months prior to the start of the project in July 2016 up to spring-summer 2017, date in which it is expected the anchoring of the AIMS in the Donor Area, giving way to the next project action.

This stage takes place over non-consecutive months from the completion of the installation of the AIMS at the Donor Area (spring-summer 2017) up to their translocation to the Receiving Area (initially expected for spring 2019, although these dates may always be adapted based on conservation and protection areas of Patella ferruginea).


The action encompasses monitoring and follow-up of populations and structures designed and anchored from their location in the Donor Area until to the end of the project (spring-summer 2017 – June 2021).

Throughout the LIFE Project, it is obligatory to carry out dissemination tasks to raise awareness of the project, from the beginning (July 2016) up to 5 years after its completion in June 2021.

Project Management is carried out throughout the whole life of the project as well as the communication and dissemination activities. It encompasses both the project management itself as well as the management tasks related to the post-completion After LIFE Plan.