The project is focused on the repopulation of the Mediterranean  Patella ferruginea, a species in danger of extinction, through the rruitment of small juveniles at the Donor Area (Port of Melilla) where there is currently a large population and the subsequent translocation to the Receiving Area, in the Algeciras Bay (Port of La Línea), so that the species can be introduced to an area where the local population is in decline.


Port of Melilla

The strategy for the conservation of the Patella ferruginea in Spain (MAGRAMA, 2009) recommends not to move specimens given the high mortality rate that has been associated to date, as long as methodological guidelines are not available to assess the Species as well as management criteria and proven techniques that allow the reintroduction of the species without any damage.

Precisely for this last purpose with which this project has been developed, where it is demonstrated that the methodology presented here can allow the reintroduction and for the recovery of the species.